Move Your Audience From Hesitance to Confidence

Do you have an event or workshop coming up, where you want to move your attendees from hesitance to confidence? That’s my favorite topic! Groups of 10 to 30 are an ideal size, so we can connect and dig in. I am also available for larger events, where my engaging slide decks keep us all in the same page.

If these topics resonate, let’s talk about whether I may be the right fit for your needs. Reach out on my contact form.

Ten Ways Your Passion Project Can Help You Take Action (Even If You’re Scared)

Too many people are holding back the best parts of themselves. But what would happen if you gained clarity about your goals, connected with your people, sparked your creativity, learned new skills, and took action even when you were scared? I started a blog 3 years ago. Since that time, my blog has inspired me to do all these things and more.

Whether you’re newbie or a veteran, your passion project can be a tool for helping you refuse to live small. Originally intended as a way to share craft projects, my blog quickly became more to me. It made me a braver person, which spilled into other areas of my life.

As a woman who spent way too many years asking others for permission, I hope my story can help teach you how to kick this habit as well.Walk away with activities that can help you spark action in your personal and professional life.

  • I originally designed this talk for bloggers and delivered it at WordCamp MSP 2017. I loved hearing from new bloggers who were wrestling with the logistics and emotions of putting their work into the world. They were seeing potential, and I enjoyed the change to nudge them forward.

The Empowered Presenter: From Hesitance to Confidence in Ten Steps

Whether you want to embolden your presentation skills or need to summon the courage to speak, I’d love to help.

An introvert at heart, I had to learn to stand up and give presentations for my job as a museum educator. Trust me when I tell you it do not come naturally. But just like any learned skill, public speaking is accessible to anyone willing to learn.

My talk covers tips and tricks I learned over more the 15 years of talks. Let me save you time as I show you how to:

  • Define Your Why
  • Let Go of the Idea You Have to Know Everything
  • Here’s What you Need to Know: Your Audience
  • Tailor Content Every Time
  • Use Visuals
  • Engage Your People
  • Memorize the First Few Minutes
  • Own the Space Through Movement
  • Practice for Friends
  • Arrive Early & Feel the Room