The Empowered Presenter

Here’s a blog post about what inspired me write the online course I developed for Skillshare, The Empowered Presenter: From Hesitance to Confidence in 10 Steps. In it I share 10 video lessons on how I went from being a shy gal who flubbed her first presentation to a confident professional who represented a major museum at regional, state, and national conferences. Especially for people like you who can change the world by teaching people your thing, I want to help you feel ready to connect with and empower them.

How It Works

If you’re not familiar with this platform, Skillshare is a marketplace for courses on just about any topic you can imagine, from making kombucha to designing a welcome packet for your business. I’ve taken both, by the way! Rather than signing up for an individual class, you sign pay a monthly fee to unlock access to everything. You can take all the classes you want.

Course creators receive $10 for each new paid member who joins via a link to their class. (Yes, this includes my class.) As I explore other platforms, I’ll keep you posted about their business models, too.