“I had been running my website part-time for 10 years, but I’d taken a break for about 3 years. When I contacted Suzi, I was starting to dive back in but was struggling to come up with a content creation strategy that felt right. I had been spinning my wheels for weeks but wasn’t getting anywhere.

The biggest difference in how I plan content nowadays is that I think about it more from the student’s perspective, which is one of the reasons I reached out – I wanted to move away from merely putting out content to instead really help people take action. With Suzi’s help, I now focus more on learning outcomes and instructional design.”

–Phil Nauta, founder, SmilingGardener.com

ABOUT 1-on-1 coaching

Some of Suzi’s clients prefer the personalized, focused nature of 1-on-1 coaching. Both new consultants and veteran instructors make use of this option.

One coaching client made a major breakthrough during these sessions, by letting go of several commitments that were depleting her energy, draining her bottom line, and–most importantly–distracting her from the deep work of her true purpose.

Other clients use sessions as a sounding board for the online course they’re building, tapping into Suzi’s 20 years of learning-strategy experience as they go.


Coaching will be tailored to your goals, audience, and content. Warning: Suzi will become your enthusiastic champion!

“Suzi knows how to listen and ask great questions. Her approach helped me drill-down to the essence of my skills, values, purpose and people to truly re-imagine my business.”

–Tina Pfau Gonzales, Founder & Strategic Consultant, Pfau Gonzales Associates LLC

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