If you had the chance to introduce someone to their personal hero, how would it feel? Absolutely delightful, that’s how. I know, because this happened to me last year! 

I was reminded of this story recently, when Deb Schell interviewed me on her wonderful show, The Community Strategy Podcast. A member of Deb’s studio audience asked me: Can you tell me about something good that happened because you gave a signature talk?

Here’s the story, just for you. A few years ago, a friend invited me to the University of Minnesota to hear Pilar Gerasimo, founding editor of Experience Life magazine, talk about healthy deviance. I was intrigued and agreed to go, even though attending on a Wednesday afternoon felt deviant, in and of itself. (I was new to self-employment and hadn’t yet adjusted to the freedom of setting my own hours.)

We loved the talk, and introduced ourselves to Pilar afterward. Since then, my friend and I have enjoyed the good fortune of getting to know her. Fast forward to about a year ago. I delivered one of my signature talks, Three Strategies for Building a Consultancy, for the Twin Cities SCORE chapter. I’ll be delivering it again on June 29. Join us!

After the talk, one of the participants reached out and we connected right away. Her name was Karen Gutierrez, and she was in the process of applying her 35 years of nursing experience to a holistic health coaching business, Empowering Holistic Health. She joined my cohort program, and I later became a client of hers. One day, as we were discussing wellness for business and life, I recommended Karen read Pilar’s book, The Healthy Deviant.

She said something like, “Oh, Pilar’s work has been important to me.” I replied, “Really? Wow! I know her and will have to let her know you appreciate her.” Karen said, “No. You don’t understand. I don’t just appreciate her. She changed the course of my life!”

I couldn’t believe it. Thanks to my business, I’d already been grateful to have met these two fascinating women. But now? Suddenly, I was faced with the opportunity to connect them to each other. One had admired the other’s work for decades. The other, I knew, would be thrilled to hear this! Indeed I connected them, and it felt good!

If you’re considering creating a signature talk of your own, I can confirm it’s worth your time and energy to put your work into the world. It’s a meaningful way to create a path to your people. And who knows where that path will lead?

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