Putting Yourself Out There Isn't the Goal

Imagine getting laid off, then discovering you’ve had the power to generate your own income all along. Imagine spending fewer hours on work that drains you, living in joy more of the time.

Do Your Part. It's Enough.

There’s so much pain in the world. How can I possibly make a difference?  As a mission-driven business owner, these are the questions I ask myself daily. I’m sure you have your own version, no matter where you live or what you do. I’m wrestling with that very question right now. It’s Monday, and two peices of hard news came in just as I was settling in to the work day: another police killing of an unarmed Black man (this time in the suburbs of my hometown Minneapolis), and a weekend COVID death of the relative of someone I hold dear. Clearly, any shock I feel is tiny compared to those experiencing these tragedies. But collective trauma is real, and each of us has our own shared reaction to a horrific event in our community.

do your part

Why Self Employment Is Part of My Destiny

I was a curriculum designer at a well-respected history museum, and it had become my identity. For more than a decade I got to tell people how much I adored my job. I was surrounded by curious collaborators, dear friends, groundbreaking technologies, and projects that cultivated critical thinkers. Walking away was so painful that it still backs up on me sometimes. But my leaving a single job isn’t what breaks my heart. Instead, I’ll tell you what does: Not the fact that I left, but the reason why I chose to do it.


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