Craft Your Next Act


Today’s world of work provides unprecedented opportunity to live wholeheartedly, find flexibility, and make an impact. But it requires letting go of old-school habits like asking for permission to do your deep work.

If you’re a purpose-driven professional who yearns to empower people but needs help distilling your ideas into a business, Craft Your Next Act is for you.

Whether your venture is full time or on the side, this 12-week program will help you package your initial offering and put it into the world. 

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Unleash your talent, control your time, and make the impact you've been dreaming of.

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Course Only


Gain access to the 12-week course, and get started right away. Each week, you’ll experience a video lesson with worksheet activity.

Course + Cohort


Join the next cohort of purpose-driven professionals. Work the course alongside them, week by week. Experience group calls twice a month, and access the course forum.

Who's This For?

+Professionals who’ve been contemplating a consultancy and yearn to replace burnout with a new focus.

+Employees who are constricted by their work environment and crave more control over their time and talent.

+Individuals who seek to put their skills to use for social, economic, or environmental justice.

+Specialists who know their mission, but need help shaping it into a business or side gig.

+Consultants who want to rebrand, with greater fulfillment by empowering others.

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Course Only

This version provides you access to the 12 lessons. Complete it on your own time. If you're on a tight budget or are considering self-employment down the road, this may be the right fit.

Course + Cohort

Transformation happens through community, so we recommend this approach! In this version, you'll access the 12 lessons and gain the encouragement and wisdom of like-minded changemakers.


Week 1

Define Your Goals

Week 2

See Opportunity in Today’s World of Work

Week 3

Start Seeing Lilypads

Week 4

Know And Love Your People

Week 5

Conduct A Field Study

Week 6

Map Your Market Sweet Spot

Week 7

Envision Multiple Income Streams

Week 8

Outline Your Offering

Week 9

Cultivate Warm Connections

Week 10

Develop Your Minimum Viable Product

Week 11

Set Up Systems

Week 12

Adopt 3 Habits for Leading Dialogue

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Contact Suzi for a complimentary 30-minute chat. Find out more, share your idea, and walk away with at least one action step toward crafting your next act.

What We Believe

Our time is precious. Let’s spend it with kindred spirits and aligned collaborators.
Nobody should have to choose between people and profits. Empowerment requires both.
We foster climate action, equitable opportunity, and conscious capitalism. Through love and community, we reshape tired systems that hold people down.
Social movements like #BLM and #Metoo are long overdue. Exclusion hurts everyone, so let’s take a stand.
Let’s get our hands dirty as we experiment our way toward our strategic dreams.


“If you do not choose your path, there are plenty of folks out there who will try to make you choose the path they want you to go down. I chose this course in order to learn more about how to find a way forward to build a conscious consulting practice with others who are seeking a similar solution.

I was thrilled that I was able to get through the online learning content and not feel overwhelmed, out of my depth, or intimidated. The content made sense and is something that I can return to as I need a refresher and need to rethink my original approach, reframe my first iterations, and then evolve my plan moving forward.”
-Matthew Cibellis, Principal, Cibellis Solutions
“It was exactly what I needed to find a path and a light to illuminate the possibilities unveiled by my decision to embark into the muddy waters of being a solopreneur – after 20 years of working for other people! There is a lot of fear, doubt and uncertainty in this journey, and I am so grateful to Suzi for distilling her life lessons into real lessons, so we could start out with the wisdom of her experience and insight to cheer us on this difficult journey!”
–Shona Ramchandani, Founder & Principal, Chrysalis Consulting Collaborative, LLC
“I graduated with a PhD in May 2020 and knew I wanted to work with parents, schools and communities around prioritizing equity. Although I’d been asked to run workshops, to work with non-profits, I had no idea of how to turn this into a business and I desperately needed support.

Suzi’s course was just right. I needed to break down the process for me and take me through it step by step. I’ve made so much progress in the past 5 months and that’s due to Suzi’s guidance. Her course helped me see my process as part of a larger life shift and then she helped me move in the right direction, step by step.”
–Liz Dempsey Lee, Blogger, Parenting and Education Equity

What you have to say needs to be said. There are so many people who need to hear your message and just the way you need to say it. This is your sacred work. Do not go home. Walk into that room and claim your space.

Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead

Meet Your Facilitator

Suzi Hunn
Learning Strategist
Suzi Hunn thrives at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. Her mission is helping small businesses change lives through teaching what they know. She has developed engaging learning experiences for founders, authors, social-studies students, K-12 teachers, corporate franchisees, and a sales team. She loved her 15 years as a curriculum writer and teacher trainer at the Minnesota Historical Society.

After discovering the Good Life Project podcast, she fell in love with entrepreneurship. Suzi sees today’s gig economy as an opportunity for cultivating fulfillment, building community, and generating income. She founded Teach Your Thing in 2017. Since then, she has reinforced her view that education is one of the best tools for business success.

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