About the Cohorts

Transformative growth happens in community. From the start, Launch a Consultancy That Matters was designed for warm encouragement and accountability.

Starting a business takes grit, and we cannot grow into our power without seeing what’s possible from others.

You’ll meet online with your cohort every other week. Share progress, ask for feedback, and get support from fellow changemakers.

Begins October 11, 2021. Lasts 12 weeks.

I’ve already had multiple networking connections participating. I’ve met with professionals from across the spectrum of what I am hoping to do as a business owner, and that’s because of my fellow cohort members. The course, the people, and the leader help keep me on track and stick to a vision for a future career and business solution for myself and my expertise.



Week 1

Define Your Goals

Week 2

See Opportunity in Today’s World of Work

Week 3

Start Seeing Lilypads

Week 4

Know And Love Your People

Week 5

Conduct A Field Study

Week 6

Map Your Market Sweet Spot

Week 7

Envision Multiple Income Streams

Week 8

Outline Your Offering

Week 9

Cultivate Warm Connections

Week 10

Develop Your Minimum Viable Product

Week 11

Set Up Systems

Week 12

Establish A Practice of Thought Leadership

I really enjoy the opportunity to check in with the cohort; I learn something new each time: A different way of approaching the work, an alternative perspective on a problem, a fresh perspective on a different kind of business. It is a relief to have a community of people in the same place as me, in what would otherwise have been a very lonely journey!

The group has been an excellent sounding board as well as (for me personally) a very gentle and informal accountability check to ensure that I am progressing in my lessons AND in my progress toward my own business! It’s exactly the motivation I need to be accountable to my own success in taking on this (sometimes) daunting quest.

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“I’ve always worked for other people (namely companies), so the idea of working for myself as my own entity was daunting. This course made me realize that I don’t have to go at 100 mph all the time and have everything figured out at the beginning. It was also very inspirational. I got a lot of new ideas and learned to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. The cohort was excellent! A lot of diversity in terms of industry, which gave you perspective. The other members were extremely supportive and caring individuals!”
-Danielle Kayal | HR Consultant
“I was very surprised by the cohort experience. I typically do not enjoy online communities. However, Suzi’s online community, combined with evening meetings created an amazing sense of community. Through this course, I’ve been lucky to meet others who are on a path similar to me and as we’ve gotten to know one another, the advice and support has been incredible.”
-Liz Dempsey Lee | Blogger, Parenting and Education Equity


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