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Launch a Consultancy That Matters is what Teach Your Thing founder Suzi Hunn wishes she’d had when she started her purpose-driven consultancy.

In weeks, she walks through the steps she took to move from employee to consultant, including:

You’ll uncover possibilities to cultivate habits and mindsets Suzi considers critical to entrepreneurship, gain encouragement to own your uniqueness and work through strategic action steps.

This course is well thought out, and practical. I loved the graphic organizers for getting to know better about myself and my values. There were a lot of great questions and action steps that kept moving you forward.



Week 1

Define Your Goals

Week 2

See Opportunity in Today’s World of Work

Week 3

Start Seeing Lilypads

Week 4

Know And Love Your People

Week 5

Conduct A Field Study

Week 6

Map Your Market Sweet Spot

Week 7

Envision Multiple Income Streams

Week 8

Outline Your Offering

Week 9

Cultivate Warm Connections

Week 10

Develop Your Minimum Viable Product

Week 11

Set Up Systems

Week 12

Establish A Practice of Thought Leadership

An Employee's Last Day

I took this shot on my final day as a museum educator at the nonprofit I’d adored for nearly 15 years. After finally admitting I could no longer do my deep work, I’d made the decision that it was time to move on.

The choice hadn’t come lightly. For more than a decade, this job had grown increasingly settled as my identity. I was surrounded by curious collaborators, groundbreaking technologies, and fulfilling projects. My colleagues and I had a familiar refrain: “I can’t imagine working anywhere but here.”

Walking away was so painful that it still backs up on me sometimes. But glass ceilings are real, and even thoughtful organizations across industries struggle to remove them. And by this time I’d discovered a podcast that ultimately would change my life. Some mornings before work, I’d ride my bike trainer, crank up The Good Life Project, and cry.

Story after story featured changemakers, people who were using modern tech and creative strategy to make a difference. These people had a freedom I yearned for, but didn’t yet understand: They’d found ways to own their uniqueness. They’d leveraged their expertise, married it with their humanity, and made an impact–all while empowering others.

Fast forward to now. I’m the founder of my own purpose-driven consultancy, and I’ve learned a thing or two about the skills needed to thrive in today’s economy. And I want you to have these things, too. As an curriculum designer and learning strategist, I’ll do my best to teach you what I know.
Launch a Consultancy that Matters

Launch a Consultancy That Matters reveals the habits, mindsets, and strategic skills Suzi learned as she moved from employee to business owner. In a world where stability is hard to come by, we must stop chasing jobs and find our work.

As author Aaron Hurst puts it in The Purpose Economy, ” . . . purpose is emerging as the new driving force of the economy.” If you’re ready to build your own purpose-driven consultancy, join us! 

You can take the course any time or get accountability through our cohorts.

how would it feel to stop holding back?

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“I love how easily digestible the lessons are and the post-video lesson course content activities are actually really challenging. Launch a Consultancy That Matters isn’t a certification course. It’s a new way of thinking about what you bring to that table and how you can do that effectively.”

Matthew cibellis | Principal - Cibellis SOlutions
“I apply the lessons I am learning directly into my progress in founding my own business. It has directly helped me to articulately capture my journey for potential clients (Start Seeing Lilypads), naming my goals, values (Define Your Goals) and customers (Know and Love Your people) for my website, or figuring out what uniqueness I have to offer the world as a business owner (Map Your market Sweet Spot).”
–Shona Ramchandani | Founder & Principal, - Chrysalis Consulting Collaborative, LLC
“I adore the worksheets. They really cut through my confusion and help me get to the heart of what my business is about and how I can move forward. I especially love the experimentation pledge – which is hanging on my wall. I also found envisioning multiple streams of income to be exactly what I needed. In this lesson, she provided such vivid examples, accompanied by thought provoking question, which expanded my view of what my business might do and be.”
-Liz Dempsey Lee | Blogger, Parenting and Education Equity

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