Do Good or Live Well?

Too often in business, we’re told we can either help others or help ourselves. It’s time to disrupt this false dichotomy.

You can run a business without sacrificing your soul.

In a world that tells us we must be callous to get ahead in business, big-hearted entrepreneurs are finding new ways to challenge the status quo.

Too often, our thinking is guided by old rules of success: work should feel hard, business is extractive, it's mission or money, soft skills are fluff.

But these old rules are meant to be broken.
If your heartfelt desire is to build a more human economy, driven by a sacred purpose, it's time to embrace this poignant message. As you tend the fire of resilience glowing within you, let Suzi's book bring a candle of light.
Dr. Tererai Trent
Founder of Tererai Trent International, educator, humanitarian, author, speaker, and acclaimed Oprah Winfrey’s favorite guest of all time.

What You'll Explore

Education designer and consultant Suzi Hunn charts out a new path for mission-driven leaders--one in which self-worth, uniqueness, and community well-being take center stage. Through thoughtful prompts, you will explore:

About Suzi Hunn


Suzi Hunn is the founder to Teach Your Thing, a company that helps purpose-driven businesses amplify their impact. Her specialty is helping changemakers package their methodology into transformative education content and experiences. For more than 20 years, Hunn has developed learning experiences for social enterprises, cultural institutions, and corporate groups. 

As an educator at the Minnesota Historical Society, her largest project was coordinating the 2nd edition of Northern Lights, a history curriculum used by 70,000 sixth graders in every county of the state. She lives in Minnesota with her partner and adorable golden retriever. 

Suzi Hunn at a whiteboard, writing, "you have medicine that you must own."

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