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Signature Workshop Packages

A quality workshop doesn’t drown the audience with information; it engages them. Whether you’ll deliver your next talk in person or online, it must meet your beloved people where they are. It must tell your story in a way that inspires them to act. It must avoid the death-by-text trap and capture the vibrancy of your brand. And it must make space for you to listen, not do all the talking.

Teaching what you know can improve your people’s lives, but first you must earn their trust. In today’s oversaturated marketplace, hosting a workshop is a mutually beneficial way to attract the right people into your your coaching program, online course, or consulting service.

Who You Are

My clients are conscious consultants who empower people by teaching what they know. They’re committed to disrupting tired systems that hold people back.

You may be the right fit if you:

Get the Most Out of Your Workshop

Creating a signature workshop has a variety of benefits. Here are some key ways to use it to its full potential. 

Deliver it as a free lead magnet
Offer it as a paid workshop
Repurpose slides as social media

What You'll Get

Slide Deck

Vibrant deck tailored to your brand, delivered as a PowerPoint. Features clear learning objectives, compelling story, participant interaction, and clean visuals.

Speaker Kit

Copy for host organizations, delivered as a text document. Includes your big why, speaker bio, speaker intro, presentation description, and testimonials.

Facilitator Checklist

No talk is entirely static. My checklist helps you make the tweaks needed to meet the needs of each audience.

Package A. Design Only

You provide the slide content
$ 1,999
  • Slide Deck
  • Facilitator Checklist
  • Speaker Kit
  • All 6 Steps in Our Customization Process

Package B. Done For You

With participatory consultation from you
$ 3,499
  • Slide Deck
  • Speaker Kit
  • Facilitator Checklist
  • All 6 Steps in Our Customization Process

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