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In a world that tells us we must be callous to get ahead in business, learning strategist and consultant Suzi Hunn is committed challenging the status quo. Her signature talks inspire more of us to bring big-hearted entrepreneurship to our lives and work. Whether you’re planning an in-person conference, online summit, team event, or private retreat, she’s game for tailoring her workshop to the setting that meets each group’s needs. 


Which of Suzi’s signature talks would resonate best with your group?

  •  Amplify Your Authority: Strategies for Building Your Big-Hearted Body of Work
  • Stop Putting Yourself Out There, Start Leading Dialogues: A Plea for Founders and Creators
  • The Power of Personal Branding: Own Your Uniqueness in Today’s Marketplace
  • Cultivate Your Superpowers: Journal Prompts for Big-Hearted Leadership
  • Canva for Content: 5 Projects for Authentic Marketing + Client Engagement
Suzi Hunn poses by a reflective wall and smiles at the camera.

About Suzi

Suzi Hunn founded Teach Your Thing in 2017. She calls her clients loving disruptors, and her mission is amplifying their impact through courses, workshops, and signature talks. Their subject-matter expertise floors her endlessly, and she empowers their work through instructional design.

She loved her 15 years as an educator at the Minnesota Historical Society. Since then, she has developed engaging learning experiences for consultants, practitioners, executive leaders, nonprofits, and corporate franchisees.

She lives by the mantra, “You have medicine you must own.” Her book, Big-Hearted Entrepreneur, challenges old rules of success that tell us we must be callous to get ahead in business. Today, she’ll make the case that it’s past time own our uniqueness, invest our talent with love, and generate change through meaningful dialogue.

I received the recording and watched it (again). Wow, I'm a practiced deep listener, but there were still more gems in your presentation that I got the second time around!

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