Your course can't make impact if you haven't created it yet.

It’s time to get that course out of your head and into the world. Getting from idea to done is so much easier when you’re not alone. While you create, I’ll bring the expertise and accountability to get you over the hump.

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Knowing your thing and teaching it aren't the same

Launching a teaching tool is overwhelming. Distilling content, researching platforms, and writing learning objectives saps your energy.  (No matter how passionate you are.)

I’ll hold your hand as you make countless decisions about organization, format, and scope. Hint: If your content feels like too much, it is.

Learning-Strategy Coaching

You know a class can help you scale. It’s a way to add another income stream, while meeting your people where they are. You’ve been dreaming of developing it, yet you’re juggling too much as it is. Sure, doing it all may be the norm for entrepreneurs like you. But in the end, getting help saves time, money, and heartache.

Signature Workshop


Transformative Course


What Are You Creating?

Signature Workshop

A signature workshop is an interactive talk that lets your people know what you’re about. It’s a great way to generate high-quality leads, connect to your community, and make a difference. 

I’ll coach you through building the slide deck that shares your unique knowledge, in 90 minutes or less. No two audiences are exactly the same, so you’ll be able to shorten it as needed to meet the needs of each group.

Transformative Course

A course is a longer experience, usually delivered over the several weeks or months. Generally, it includes a cohort or community, a digital platform, lessons, and activities you deliver along the way. 

I’ll coach you through choosing your technology, deciding what NOT to include (a major part of your job), and making the experience so valuable that your participants want to share how much your program changed their life.



Move from idea to done

My clients are changemakers who have a lot of ideas running around in their heads! They see ways to make their communities better or disrupt tired industries.

They’ve been around the block, and their lived experience has shown them ways to make life or work better for their people.

But it can be hard to slow down enough to turn those ideas into a formal training. I’ll bring 25 years of learning-design experience to your project, along with the structure and encouragement to get that puppy launched and into the world!



Online or in person


Look & Feel

Community Component


Learning Objectives

Key Messages

Background Context



Audience Interaction

Lecture vs Engagement



"The minute you learn something, turn around and teach it to others . . . Teaching people doesn't subtract value from what you do. It actually adds to it."

Austin Kleon
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Are you ready to stop delaying and start creating?

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Meet Your Learning Strategist

Suzi Hunn
Learning Strategist
Suzi Hunn thrives at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. Her mission is helping small businesses change lives through teaching what they know. She has developed engaging learning experiences for founders, authors, social-studies students, K-12 teachers, corporate franchisees, and a sales team. She loved her 15 years as a curriculum writer and teacher trainer at the Minnesota Historical Society.

After discovering the Good Life Project podcast, she fell in love with entrepreneurship. Suzi sees today’s gig economy as an opportunity for cultivating fulfillment, building community, and generating income. She founded Teach Your Thing in 2017. Since then, she has reinforced her view that education is one of the best tools for business success.


“Suzi knows how to listen and ask great questions. Her approach helped me drill-down to the essence of my skills, values, purpose and people to truly re-imagine my business.”
Tina pfau gonzales | founder & strategic consulant - pfau gonzales associates llc
“I had been running my gardening website part-time for 10 years, but I’d taken a break for about 3 years. When I contacted Suzi, I was starting to dive back in but was struggling to come up with a content creation strategy that felt right. I had been spinning my wheels for weeks but wasn’t getting anywhere. The biggest difference in how I plan content nowadays is that I think about it more from the student’s perspective, which is one of the reasons I reached out – I wanted to move away from merely putting out content to instead really help people take action. With Suzi’s help, I now focus more on learning outcomes and instructional design.”
Phil nauta | founder -

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