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Bring your teaching tool to life. We’ll bring the expertise, accountability, and warmth to move your project from idea to done.

Why go it alone when you can have 25 years of learning strategy on your side?

Knowing It and Teaching It Aren't the Same.

Launching a teaching tool is overwhelming. Distilling content, researching platforms, and writing learning objectives saps you energy, no matter how passionate you are.
I’m here to walk you through the countless decisions you’ll make about organization, format, and scope. (Hint: If your content feels like too much for your learners, it is.)

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Developing a learning tool is an ideal way scale while meeting your audience where they are. Too many dedicated consultants are burning themselves out, trying to serve clients while making that course they’ve been envisioning. Doing it all may be the norm for entreprenuers like you, but getting help saves time, heartache, and money.

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Meet Your Learning Strategist

Suzi Hunn
Learning Strategist
Suzi Hunn thrives at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. Her mission is helping small businesses change lives through teaching what they know. She has developed engaging learning experiences for founders, authors, social-studies students, K-12 teachers, corporate franchisees, and a sales team. She loved her 15 years as a curriculum writer and teacher trainer at the Minnesota Historical Society.

After discovering the Good Life Project podcast, she fell in love with entrepreneurship. Suzi sees today’s gig economy as an opportunity for cultivating fulfillment, building community, and generating income. She founded Teach Your Thing in 2017. Since then, she has reinforced her view that education is one of the best tools for business success.


“Suzi knows how to listen and ask great questions. Her approach helped me drill-down to the essence of my skills, values, purpose and people to truly re-imagine my business.”
Tina pfau gonzales | founder & strategic consulant - pfau gonzales associates llc
“I had been running my gardening website part-time for 10 years, but I’d taken a break for about 3 years. When I contacted Suzi, I was starting to dive back in but was struggling to come up with a content creation strategy that felt right. I had been spinning my wheels for weeks but wasn’t getting anywhere. The biggest difference in how I plan content nowadays is that I think about it more from the student’s perspective, which is one of the reasons I reached out – I wanted to move away from merely putting out content to instead really help people take action. With Suzi’s help, I now focus more on learning outcomes and instructional design.”
Phil nauta | founder -


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