It's Time to Teach Your Thing

What you know can change people’s lives. But not if it’s still living in your head.

I help founders like you design courses and workshops for your next big act in life and work.

Use them to scale your business, reclaim your time, and make your unique impact.


If you feel like there’s a tiger chained up inside you, you’re not alone. What you know can change people’s lives.

You’re a leader. You’re a changemaker. It’s past time to disrupt old-school notions that educators must accept peanuts. It’s time to disrupt old-school ideas of who’s worthy of opportunity. And if you have too many ideas, it’s time to focus on the ones that will bring your next phase of growth.

As as a business owner who can teach, you have an advantage. Today’s economy is ripe for course creators. But there’s a lot of noise out there, so creating well matters.

Successful courses aren’t just about content. They keep it tight, so learners aren’t drowning in information. They tell your story, in a way that inspires them to act. They’re colorful enough to keep people awake, yet clean enough so they know what you’re talking abut.

And if you want to change people’s lives, your content is only part of the plan. I’ll help you build the community you need to amplify your ideas.

So, how do you want to empower your people?

THERE’s NO SHOrtage of courses out there. LEt’s make yours as beautiful as you and YOUR PEOPLE.

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How Can I Help You Teach Your Thing?

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If you're a mid-career professional who's starting your own business, side-gig, or passion project, our Craft Your Next Act cohort is designed for you.

By the way, this program is me teaching my thing!
Want to build a new income stream, scale your business model, or increase your impact? It's time to bring that workshop or course to life, at long last!

I'll bring the expertise, accountability, and warmth to move your project from idea to done.
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Create the training for your next big act

You’re the type who digs deep into life and work. And over time, you’ve developed solutions that can change people’s lives.

But knowing something and teaching it aren’t the same thing.

And in today’s hyperconnected world, you need to cut through the noise of easy promises and half-hearted trainings. 

We create learning experiences with a whole lot of love, in a way that engages, educates, and entertains.

Instruction design can be a stuffy field, but we live for warmth and authenticity. 

Yes, you deserve a teaching tool that can provide the time freedom or location independence you seek. And no, it’s not too late to make your unique impact!


My clients are changemakers. 

During and after our engagement, I continue to champion their growth.

“My experience working with Suzi has been nothing short of amazing! I had been writing this class curriculum in my head for years, but it took working with her to make it a reality. I have since launched the online apparel mentor academy and have had over 150 students take the course and growing.”
“I hired TYT because moving ideas forward can be painfully slow. I am sharp at identifying gaps and finding creative solutions, but I needed to turn them into trainable content that meets people where they are, provides just enough info, and challenges them to stay engaged. Suzi helped me clarify my learning objectives and simplify my content to be optimal for modern adult learning.”
"I really enjoy the opportunity to check in with my Craft Your Next Act cohort. I learn something new each time: A different way of approaching the work, an alternative perspective on a problem, a fresh perspective on a different kind of business. It is a relief to have a community of people in the same place as me, in what would otherwise have been a very lonely journey!

The group has been an excellent sounding board as well as (for me personally) a very gentle and informal accountability check to ensure that I am progressing in my lessons AND in my progress toward my own business! It’s exactly the motivation I need to be accountable to my own success in taking on this (sometimes) daunting quest."
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