Your Small Business Is a Force for Good

Amplify your impact by teaching what you know.

Do you have knowledge your people need, but struggle to develop the learning content for your next phase of growth?
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Your Knowledge Empowers People

If you give professional advice to individuals or businesses in your area of expertise, you're a consultant. And if these sound familiar, you maybe one of us.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients empower their people through teaching what they know. But what they call themselves, varies. Generally, they have titles like these:








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Our Online Course
Craft Your Next Act
Build your business with support from our online course and community of passionate leaders like you.
Strategic Coaching
Create with the help of a Learning Strategist
Bring your teaching tool to life. We'll bring the expertise, accountability, and warmth to move your project from idea to done.
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Content Creation
Let Us Create Your Learning Content
No time to write your course, webinar, or white paper? We'll put your learners first as we craft it with strategy and love.


“My experience working with Suzi has been nothing short of amazing! I had been writing this class curriculum in my head for years, but it took working with her to make it a reality. I have since launched the online apparel mentor academy and have had over 150 students take the course and growing.”
“I hired TYT because moving ideas forward can be painfully slow. I am sharp at identifying gaps and finding creative solutions, but I needed to turn them into trainable content that meets people where they are, provides just enough info, and challenges them to stay engaged. Suzi helped me clarify my learning objectives and simplify my content to be optimal for modern adult learning.”
"I really enjoy the opportunity to check in with the cohort; I learn something new each time: A different way of approaching the work, an alternative perspective on a problem, a fresh perspective on a different kind of business. It is a relief to have a community of people in the same place as me, in what would otherwise have been a very lonely journey!

The group has been an excellent sounding board as well as (for me personally) a very gentle and informal accountability check to ensure that I am progressing in my lessons AND in my progress toward my own business! It’s exactly the motivation I need to be accountable to my own success in taking on this (sometimes) daunting quest."
Like our clients, we see changes needed in today's world of work.
Learning strategy is our tool for disrupting tired systems that hold people back.
Our clients are experts in their field, with lived experience that deeply connects them to their audience. But knowing a topic and teaching it are two different skills. If you’ve been dreaming of creating an online course, webinar, or presentation but feel overwhelmed by the task, you’re not alone.
It’s time to unleash your talent, boost your bottom line, and empower your people.


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