About Teach Your Thing

Maybe you’re a business owner who’s ready to create a program for teaching what you know, but you need help reining it all in.

Maybe you’re building your first business or side gig, but life gets in the way and it feels too big.

Either way, we’ve been there! And we’re here to help. 

Can Suzi's Story Elevate Yours?

By owning my own unique power, I hope to show others they can do the same. And in turn, my clients inspire me. They love teaching others, and they’ve cultivated ways to make their communities better.

For more than 20 years, my career has focused on education. I’ve long believed it’s the most powerful force for changing the world. But when I hit a glass ceiling in my 40s as a museum educator, I felt the deep pain of holding back the things one feels called to bring to society.

I knew I wanted to throw myself into the next venture. But I hadn’t looked for a job in 15 years. And while I’d had my head down in a career I deeply loved, the economy had changed, fundamentally.

Instability had become the norm, fluid networks had replaced organizational loyalty, and hyper-connection had gone global. 

Initially these changes disoriented me. But in time I discovered an equally powerful truth: Education, and opportunity itself, had become more democratized. Now, I’ve embraced entrepreneurship as a compelling tool for growth. 

We still have a long way to go, but workers across industries have new ways to take charge of their own wealth: their time, talent, energy, wellness, and money. 

I founded Teach Your Thing to combine the two powerhouses that have changed my life: education and entrepreneurship. 

If you’re a founder who values these things as much as I do, let’s talk about how we can leverage them together!

The Official Bio

Suzi Hunn founded Teach Your Thing in 2017 to help small businesses amplify their impact. Her specialty is helping clients distill their knowledge into engaging workshops and courses.

She has more than 20 years experience developing learning tools in the nonprofit sector, educational organizations, and corporate groups. As an educator at the Minnesota Historical Society, her largest project was coordinating the 2nd edition of Northern Lights, a history curriculum used by 70,000 sixth graders, in every county of the state.

Other favorites included developing multimedia materials on Ojibwe beadwork and Hmong immigration, as well as presenting at conferences like Games + Learning Society and National Council for the Social Studies.

She lives by the rallying cry, “You have medicine that you must own.” Her mission is combining education and entrepreneurship to empower more of us to do just that.

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Do Your Part. It's Enough.

There’s so much pain in the world. How can I possibly make a difference? As a mission-driven business owner, this is a question I ask myself daily. I’m sure you have your own version, no matter what you do.

Putting Yourself Out There Isn't the Goal

Imagine getting laid off, then discovering you’ve had the power to generate your own income all along. Imagine spending fewer hours on work that drains you, living in joy more of the time. 

My Experiment with Location Independence


As a Gen X woman who started a business after hitting a glass ceiling in her 40’s, I often say entrepreneurship is a journey of reclaiming things.  

For the soul – sourced entrepreneur, power is simply the energy to create things, to transform things, to evolve. To be clear, it’s the ability to manage and direct your energies toward an outcome or end. That’s all.

 It’s “power to.” Not “power over.” 

–Christine Kane



Creating a successful learning experience requires knowing and loving your audience. It’s always about them.


Our time is precious. Let’s spend it with kindred spirits and aligned collaborators.


We love our communities and want to make them better. Sometimes, that means reshaping tired systems that hold people down.


Instead, let’s get our hands dirty as we experiment our way toward our strategic dreams.


Nobody should have to choose between people and profits. Empowerment requires both.


The democratization of education opens doors, so let’s walk through them, hand in hand.

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